What's for lunch today? 🥪

The only thing getting me through this year is thinking about food.

My colleague is going to Subway and I just realised I can’t remember the last time I had one. Certainly not since before lockdown 1.

Going to have my vegetable soup as a starter and eat a Subway for lunch.

Distract me with your lunch plans, please.


I might take a walk to Costa so I can have one of the new hot chocolates. Will mean taking a longer lunch though


Haven’t eaten owt today!

Going to have some standard cheese cobs while watching something funny doe

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Gonna go and sit in somewhere.

Last chance this year i reckon

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Probably stay at home and have a veggie sausage sandwich

Oh! Are you a vegetarian?


Yes, for a whole year now!

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Gonna have an egg :fried_egg:

hoping for some kind of bacon sandwich. my wife’s been making her own bacon and egg mcmuffins so usually I have one of them, minus the egg.

also have some honey glazed ham pringles, so will have some of them on the side. not exactly the height of healthy or classy eating, but works for me :+1:

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might buy some supermarket sushi

I haven’t had breakfast yet but trying to eat later so I eat less as I keep binge eating late at night…re:Subway, I’ve had a veggie patty a fair few times but I don’t like the idea of food being left out all day makes me feel a bit sick.

I’m going to make leek and potato soup a bit later and put it in the slow cooker and have with crusty fresh bread yum.

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Cheese ploughman’s sandwich today

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I’ll be going to my favourite local cafe, one final hoorah before they are forced to close again.
Fancy some comfort food, so either the curry or the mushroom burger.


You kept that quiet!

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Not a fan of eggs?

I don’t like to brag. Much like with my charity work, which is very important to me.

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You truly are an example to us all.

*Dr Example, thanks


Burnt my tongue on my soup

  • You poor sweet Gnome!
  • Dickhead

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Probably get something from the café.