Whats for lunch?


I always need to know what i’m gonna have for dinner before chosing my lunch.
I have managed to persuade bf to make tacos so no burrito for me
what you having?


i don’t know




Carrot sticks dipped in houmous. Misery basically but don’t have anything else.


Canteen menu looks like Mexican chicken. That’s fine.


Probably get something from Itsu


Nothing for dinner as drumming. Co-op sandwich for lunch so I can read my book.

I enjoy the music of David Holmes more than I should.


Think it’s burger day in the canteen today. They usually make decent burgers, so I’ll have that.

No idea what I’m having tonight - maybe a tuna salad.


Had the hot chicken teriyaki thing from there the other day and it was banging.

The hot dumplings were rubbish though.


I take it back, this is pretty good. Yes, I’ve commenced lunch consumption already :blush:




I love the hot dumplings!!
I smother them with the itsu hot sauce cause its the best. I need to buy some for at home.




Eating some cold pasta bake from last night. It’s very nice.


(ie aubergine and tomato, no meat)


had a bananananana and some daal I made (Which 3 people said smelled amazing :blush:)
got a meeting at 12:30 so ate early.


No idea. I’m being taken somewhere by Mrs Fox.

She hasn’t explicitly said we’re going for a meal - I’m just assuming, so I might well end up being a very hungry glider pilot or some shit.


it’s jerk chicken day at the cafe at work and it’s always lovely, so, that

(also gonna have an extended ride home via Richmond Park so I need something BIG)


more details please


Butternut squash and broccoli, with crunchy breadcrumb and cheese topping (that is no longer crunchy, but is delicious). Had it with some salad and balsamic glaze. Nice. Technically too early for lunch, but I ate breakfast at about 6:00 so balls to it.