Whats for lunch?

Some leftover roasted veg with cous cous, chickpeas and halloumi

Work has called a meeting at lunch time so kinda hoping they’ve got pizzas in.

Can’t wait til I move, gonna be pootling about there all the time :+1:

(I’m actually not really a big fan of it: cycling there is a fucking massive ballache, and then, well, you know how I’ve said that going round and round a park is fucking rubbish imho… well. yep. Boring as fuck. Would much rather go to the lanes. But: boyfriend has countered this with “we can go to Dynamo on the way back and get pizza” so it’s laps not lanes for me tonight :expressionless:)

Phwoar. That sounds Awesome. Did you make it up or is there a recipe?

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My wife made it, so I can’t claim any credit! Just roast some squash, blend it and make it into a sort of sauce with some creme fraiche and cheese, par boil some broccoli and pasta as you usually would and assemble. Bit of chili in the sauce, some cheese and breadcrumbs on top. Bake it until it’s done. Proper ‘what’s in the fridge’ busk-up, but really tasty.

Have you heard his Soundcloud mixes? This is aces for summer:


Cool! thanks! I will attempt my interpretation of something similar one day soon :smiley:

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Thai green butterbeans with spinach, broccoli and sliced green beans. Weekly batch and it’s only getting better.

Brexit cheese 'n tomato sandwich.

Probably some form of misery lunch from the canteen.

Vegans, I had an incredible coconut hot chocolate from Pret last night it was :ok_hand:

taking a lovely client out for lunch at stravaigin, woohoo.

I have not heard about this hot choc!

Kedgeree. Made loads so will be having it for dinner too.

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not had kedgeree in AGES

I don’t care about this thread any more how do i close it

The TV doesn’t like it so I only get to have it when she’s working away. Which she is today.

You’ve made your bed of lettuce, now lie in it.

But, but, but …

I’m having a tofu and mushroom rice box from your favourite lunch time place ever

Oh that does sound good.
I was going to get the kung pao chickpea today but i like it with rice in and i have rice for dins.

I didn’t realise that it was vegan until I saw them use coconut milk instead of normal then checked the website and it is vegan.

If you like coconut it is really yummy.