Whats for lunch?

why don’t you do these no more @ericVI ?

He’s being the music man this week I think.

1 x cheddar and chutney sanga
1 x cheese tasters
1 x 'suma
1 x gluten free salted caramel billionaire bar
1 x iced and spiced sticky bun (treat yoself option)

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A pretty rank tuna and pepper pasta salad.

also sausage roll
also banana
also satsuma

partially what irons said, partially coz i’m not at work and so have boring home lunches. probably have a sandwich and crisps for lunch.

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Cous cous feta and falafel salad, and a yoghurt

What’s in the sandwich boiiiiiii?

dunno yet. cheese probably.


Why GF can I ask?

same as usual. Tuna mayo sandwich.

had an orange club too. Might also have a banana.

Might go to Leon. What’s good there at the moment (aside from the waffle fries that are always cold)?

It’s nothing to do with any dietary issues, it just tastes nicer than their other choccy bars.

Chorizo & Chickpea stew :ok_hand:
Apple (pink lady)

Egg mayo roll
pomegranate san pelly
Rocky road

how are the rocky roads going down? Looked well good :+1:

you know what, I have a tonne of massive marshmallows sitting in the cupboard getting a bit old… should chop them up and rocky road it up myself … :thinking:

I like the black bean stew


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Probs a salad. Getting weird weight issue stuff again/worrying about eating too much as is par for the course when I’m having a rotten time.

what u got @meowington?

Do it. Rocky roads the best. My office are happy.