Whats for lunch?

might go nusa

I made some the other week and tore through it in a few days.

god it’s been a while since I’ve been to Nusa. Might go when they’ve next got that corn chowder on.

like is for your use of suma.

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I have never made rocky road before! exciting

They had it last week so you’ll be waiting a while!

I could go for an orange club

Did you nibble the choccy edges or just nosh it down?

for fucks sake

looking at this weeks menu tho omg might go and get the coconut and cauli one tomorrow

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I’ve been waiting for a sri lankan one for AGES.

Regarding the club, I can’t really nibble anything at the mo because of my stupid teeth. I had to break it up into four individual bits. In the past I would have enjoyed the thicker chocolate ends first.

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yep. this is me.

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No lunch for me (yet), I properly pigged out at a late breakfast earlier. I had smoked salmon/cream cheese/ capers and then the pannetone french toast with walnuts and mixed berries and mascarpone.

Highly reccomend passo in old st. to londoners

I had roast pork, roast pots, cauli cheese and gravy from the canteen

Pork was like £3 and not really worth it - should have just got all the vegetables instead an skipped the meat

Nothing. The snubbening part 2 the Snub is happening as my work team are all out on lunch and Ian and I were the only ones not invited. It’s Steve, he’s such a boring old man game player! hate that guy!

You sure you understand the meaning of this word?

Instant veggie udon that I keep at work for emergency lunch, apple, some cake my colleague made (white choc and hazelnut) and a funsize Milky Way.

Still not full.

you need to dominate Steve

I suggest you head over to his desk for a “work chat”, sit down on his chair and put your feet up on his desk

Omg yes please!! Get me a job at your place.

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do you know what mate, Steve used to be sat on MY FUCKING CHAIR every morning when I got in as he was chatting with another colleague. So every morning there would be a slight delay in me sitting down. Such a twat!