What's for lunch?


just had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. ended up eating the rest of the left over ssalmon in one mouthful. was defo enough for another bagel tomorrow

might have a kiwi or two


oh dear, sorry


dsi, baby


might treat myself to lunch out, budget of £6. either sushi, a hot rice bowl or some soup. hmmmmmn.


should get a solid meal for that oop north, aye?


Leftover Hui beef, pork belly and chickpea stew


could do, but i’m limited as to where i eat cause of allergies and intolerances. plenty of restaurants do 2 or 3 courses for £6.


salad from work cafe:

"asian slaw"
some kind of spicy rice thing
edamame beans
green beans
some spring rolls
cucumber and tomato thing

£3.45, :100:


slaw! one of the worst words out there. hate it


thing is, i actually wanted to know what people are doing over their lunch times (apart from eating)


i know! hence the “”"""""""""""


Eating kfc right now. Yolo


asparagus soup and toastie


i’m simultaneously disappointed and delighted that there isn’t a KFC near my work or my house. as such it’s a bit of a treat rather than a regular occurrence, which is probably for the best given how terrible my diet is already.


i had a roast chicken and bacon M&S sandwich. in true DiS fashion i preferred their earlier, non-roast chicken version but it’s still fine.

also have some M&S sweet chilli crisps but might save them for later in the afternoon when i know i’m going to be flagging massively.


Salt and vinegar Kettle Chips

Salami and cream cheese bagel


Tom Yum noodle soup with veggie dumplings


Cornish pasty and a massive bakewell tart. Ooft. Poor decision making all round, and I’m regretting it already.


Pulled pork, chorizo, and butter bean stew. Deeeeeeeeelicious


Was gonna go to the place plastic Niki said but I just don’t have the appetite. So gonna get loads of salad for the train.