What's for tea?


Got left over veg chilli mixed up with rice. Going to bang it in some wraps with some guacamole :ok_hand:


Gonna do some halloumi burgers if I can get off my arse and go to the shop


Thai green curry, I’m told.


falafel sandwich, i’m real bad at this vegan lark.

got a fucking spectacular beef tomato waiting for it though. he’s a handsome boy.




Dunno yet. In pub waiting for pal then we’ll decide


Chicken stir fry and rice. Boring (but quick)


What should I have guys. You’ve got til 7:

  • Porridge
  • Chicken cup a soup

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Can’t choose, both options are too exciting.


Frying up some cauliflower w/ chilli and cumin
Microwave rice
Grated cheddar


thats my quandary too!

Gonna whack half a spoon of jam in the porridge if that’s any help?


Stick it in the soup instead and you’ve got yourself a meal.


basically the same thing as that except i’m cooking it now not yesterday

also i’ll put :hatched_chick: in it




Spaghetti, tomato sauce and maybe some quorn.

Desperate to eat, my stomach is not accustomed to normal eating patterns after constant snacking over the last couple of weeks.


just realised I haven’t had a hot meal since er, saturday evening.





Chicken breast in a leek and cheese sauce. With some broccoli and a bit of mash.


Plain rice.

Might have a plain cracker in a bit for some excitement


Having @saps round for dinner?