What's for tea?

Got some left over veg chilli and guacamole so gonna make some burritos :burrito: :burrito: :burrito:

hi impolex!

It’s quorn burgers tonight :slight_smile:

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Leftover mac n cheese :+1:


Beans on toast, I think. We had mains for lunch.

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Egg fried rice and stir fried veggies with tuna.

Another vote for Paul McCartney and the cheese

And chips.

Gonna slam some crispy bacon in the mix and make a herby chilli breadcrumb topping.

Fuuuuucking yeeeeeessss


I think beans on toast is actually one of my favourite teas, there’s something really comforting about it.

Making pasta with bolognese type thing. Going to take some round to my boyfriend’s freezing flat (broken boiler still) so he can eat something other than a ready meal without making loads of washing up

Had chicken, chips and beans about an hour ago.

Got a jerk chicken patty, crisps and all that for my supper at work at about 1am. (Plenty of biscuits and sweets and whatnot too, naturally)

This sounds good! Not had mac and cheese for ages, need to sort that out.

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Definitely reminds me of Sunday evenings as a kid. Beans on toast for tea as the last nice thing before the hell of the school week.

I’d eat this.

Pasta, which I’m gonna loads with roasted tomatoes, garlic, chilli, chorizo, prawns, onion and basil.
And I’m going to devour it in a manner that no one should witness


I’m having some Assam.

peanut butter on toast


Veggie burger and lattice chips.

I’m also making veg chilli! Have mushed up the kidney beans to give it some density. Then got butter beans and chick peas in there. Think I’ve nailed it but maybe gone v. Slightly OTT on the spice for my girlfriends liking


Veg haggis and some roast veg w/gravy.

Though not really hungry as had quite a bit of salted popcorn w/ tobascco sauce on not long since.

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