What's going on with this weather, eh?


THIRTY SEVEN degrees in that London on Friday.



it’s warm


Right warm, aye


It’s not cold


Awful. It’s beautiful in the west of scotland right now but I couldn’t cope with it very much warmer. Stay safer southeners!


In light of global warming, might need to rename the uk droughty fascist island.


At least it’s nearly everywhere in the world and we’ll all be dead soon


Honestly not sure our flat will be safe for the kid if that turns out to be right.


Loving every minute of it. Long may it continue.


It looks like it might be cloudy with occasional showers on Friday evening - just when the BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is happening.


Placebo did a song called 36 Degrees, and have spent the intervening decades doing all they can to raise the earth’s temperature to that in order to benefit from a mild bump in airplay royalties. That’s what’s happened here.


Take it to the Zelda thread.


What was wrong with the two other threads?




Was reading somewhere that it could get bad as UK houses aren’t designed too cool down very well or something like that. Definitely make sure the room temp is regulated for the bairn!


Bit stuffy in there


I couldn’t see them, apologies if I was just being blind. Feel free to merge, mods.


This is true. Little known fact - '“Without You I’m Nothing” is actually an ode to the coal industry.


We’ve been trying but it’s difficult. Done everything we can with the windows / curtains, two fans with damp cloths / bowls of ice… still ends up 30+ in there until nearly midnight.


i for one, can’t wait. My body has to spend all it’s time keeping my organs at a nice comfy 37 degrees. It the weather’s going to do this for me, it’s like a holiday for my body, so it can finally go off an have fun for the day. really looking forward to finding out what it chooses to do.