What's going on with your band? (Rolling)

We used to have one of these on the old boards but I wasn’t able to find one here. Basically meant to be a DiSersinbands diary. but JAG away if you wanna.

As I may have mentioned, I can’t find a drummer wahhhhh (actually have one lined up for a tryout in a couple weeks’ time now but I’m very impatient.) Finishing up a new album but really wanna get out and play shows. Thinking about setting up a label but that’s a terrible idea, isn’t it? Yes it is.


(yeah solo artists count too)

Bullet in the Eye of the Beholder are on permanent hiatus.


i didn’t have you down as a metalcore kinda guy!

We were a 3rd wave emo band who never had a practice session, never learned an instrument properly and never really got anywhere beyond having an excellent name.


You forgot the inverted commas around ‘excellent’…

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Split up about 3 years ago and I’ve not played guitar in about 2 years now. Still can’t bring myself to sell my stuff though.

Drummer moved back to New Zealand
2/3 of the guitarists sold their instruments to make rent

RIP Michelle’s

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No I didn’t.

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Jimmy quit, Jodie got married


Which band?

The National


saw an ad looking to recruit people for a ‘goth reggae’ band earlier if that’s any good?

all of the active ones


Bulk & Skull went on permanent hiatus in 2010.

Ben sold his guitars, took up cycling and became a vegetarian. I’m always surprised he doesn’t post here.

Chris went to play drums for some covers bands but spends most of his time trolling driving/ car groups on Facebook.

I auditioned for some bands but apparently my options are very limited because I can’t really sing or play anything that I haven’t written.

Stewart moved to London. I don’t think he still plays but he was easily the best musician.

Our Myspace still exists if you are interested in awkward post-rock and search for bulkampersandskull.

I don’t have a band but yeah

January; 12" out on a new & exciting label that should get RA, Mixmag etc coverage. A 4 track various EP with a remastered track from my Plasticine Pyramids LP as A1/lead track

February; Valentine’s day special blog release, a week studio residence & open studio/gig in Margate (depending on whether I get a little funding package or not - should find out soon)

March; remix on the 12" of ‘Quite Famous UK Indie band’'s album & tour launch lead single
April: Drop mixtape

had a meeting with a guy I’d like to be my manager last week and it went well - he’s meeting with a label I’d like to do an EP on next week. We’ll see what happens

Need to figure out a live set up


any ideas what you’re thinking? always interested in how electronic artists present themselves live.

went to see one of my favourite electronic/noise artists once and he just played his tracks from two ipods that he mixed between :frog:

we’re putting out our first album on vinyl next april, single out first week of february

currently finishing up the last bits of recording/mixing for the album and shooting a couple of videos

last single/EP did reasonably well on 6music/radio1 etc so looking forward to quitting my job and sleeping on a bed of cash with many beautiful ladies etc etc


We should form a band. I’m pretty useless musically, although I do try and play more often now.

My housemate Adam, who you know has a drumkit set up in the garage and has two bands on the go. He’s ridiculously good at most instruments, I should spend more time learning from him.

Tone, tone and the tone police

Or the Two Tones.

having the same problem with finding a drummer. ours has gone travelling to Aus for at least a year, so might be back, might not. proper ballache finding a replacement, really missing playing.