What's going on with your band? (Rolling)

how’s isolation going for you lot? my band has done some fun online projects. doing any streaming gigs?

biggest thing for me was that we were gearing up to release our next album proper over the summer but that looks like a crap idea now. or does it?! actually yes it does, need to do an album launch show at the very least.

Hi Eric, I just read the Dawnwalker thread and realised my band was due to play with you last night at the Heathens to Murgatroyd gig. The Air Turned to Acid - https://theairturnedtoacid.bandcamp.com/track/hounds-2
We were also due to play Dreadfest up in Leeds a few weeks ago, hopefully both get re-scheduled and will get to play with you in future.
We were planning on practising for our new album over the summer then recording it towards the end of the year. Neither of those things look likely to happen now. May see about maybe putting some live recordings up over the next couple of months to keep us half busy.


ah hello dude! fancy bumping into you here. yeah massive shame last night couldn’t go ahead, was a cracking lineup but if everyone is available hopefully they’ll put it on later in the year!

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Yeah, fingers crossed. Be good to meet you and make a bloody racket.