What's going on with your band? (Rolling)


having the same problem with finding a drummer. ours has gone travelling to Aus for at least a year, so might be back, might not. proper ballache finding a replacement, really missing playing.


same, really in the mind to do it right now even though i remember what a misery playing in london can be :smiley:


We don’t have a name. We’re practising for the first time in five weeks tonight. We’re not very good, although I quite like some of our music. Could do with someone who can actually sing tbh. our singer does try, but i am pretty sure he’s never done a vocal exercise in his life.


yeah, this is the fucking thing - I kind of hate electronic music live

laptops/screens - boring as fuck
modular noodling - beard-strokey & boring as fuck
live electronica played + sequenced - often dull but has potential, also has potential to be a massive technical headache/disaster
take to the stage with a ‘proper drummer’ - NO
A hybrid live/dj set - might work, have seen it work well in a club setting but also, see laptops/screens
Nosebleed drum machine & synth twiddle workout - loads of fun, can really go off well, requires enormous amounts of discipline and probably a full-on visual experience to distract from the fact that I’m just pushing some buttons

putting an electronic band/ensemble together - doing shows a la the Silent Shout tour - Would LOVE to do this but it requires lots of time & money & resources & actually writing some vocal parts & lyrics and finding a singer or singers

it’s a head scratcher. I mean, I know I could do absolutely storming sets with just a 909 & a couple of 303s but that’s £8k of equipment right there plus I’m guessing anyone who listens to my stuff & comes to a gig would want to listen to what they heard on the records

any ideas?


Just go full Hecker and fill the gaff with dry ice. You can do what the fuck you like on stage then.

You gonna come play in London BITT?


fill the room with dry ice
press play


Sack off being on stage, set up your laptop in a pimped-out golf cart and have a mate drive you in and around the audience.


Just booking up a Germany tour for early April. Back in the studio to finish off the album next weekend

Playing in Brighton on 01/12 too if any Brighton people read this?


is this your singer-songwriter bloke band?


No? I haven’t had one of them for ages, this is Fightmilk what my TV fronts


I’ve decided I hate music and taken up juggling



fp tbh



Stop clowning around


Drummer and Gtr/Vox live close together, whilst myself and other gtr/vox live close together.

Various chatter about practising somewhere mutaually convienient usually falls flat. There is also the small matter of children involved.


@DarwinBabe made any progress with your choir?


Dry your ice m8

we’ll see about London. I dunno, I mean I’m sure it has to happen at some point but I’m mainly going to focus on getting as much attention as possible in the first few months of next year in order to land some kind of a label deal for LPs 2 & 3 - putting my own stuff out has been interesting but also quite tiresome & limiting. This January release should make a big difference in terms of what’s possible afterwards - then again, you never know, perhaps I have totally unrealistic expectations

Also, behind the scenes the interest in what I do is kind of split between dance music people & indie/electronica people. Am I going to have to pick a side? I dunno. I’m as far from any kind of purist as you can imagine. It’s always been a hindrance


maybe - which one of these is you?

the cockney rejects

fri 1st dec

concorde 2


son of dave / king size slim

fri 1st dec

hope & ruin


divine comedy sold out

fri 1st dec

brighton dome

los albertos

fri 1st dec

the haunt


pip blom

fri 1st dec

sticky mike’s

£ 5.50

pussy & the dirty johnsons / the blue carpet

fri 1st dec

prince albert

£ 8.80


(i hope it’s Pussy and the Dirty Johnsons)


It’s Divine Comedy Sold Out