What's going to be 2016's dickhead halloween costume of choice?



this can also be the generic halloween thread if you want.

It’s going to be Trump, innit


Trump as a clown.




hahahahahahahahahaha fuck OFF!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Obviously that’s in horrifically bad taste. But the worst thing is they’re charging $70 for what I can assume only amounts to a gag, some rope and a wig


Balonz is halfway there


Some sort of Harambe Clown.


Harambe with a trump wig and clown make-up?


Slutty Boaty McBoatface


Trump mask, clown wig, gorilla hand holding a Farage pint, Purple trousers, Boris Johnson untucked shirt standing in front of flashing christmas lights.


This isn’t the ‘Guess @elthamsmateowen’s work outfit’ thread!!!


Stag do is on the 29th. Birmingham is going to be full of Halloween cunts isn’t it? (Rather than just being full of cunts as it normally would)


plus a pocket square


and a harley quinn jacket


Always a big fan of people who wouldn’t normally risk trying to get away with slut shaming using Halloween as an undercover way of doing so.

I’m ready for my points now.


Readying my slutty Ken Bone costume.


It’s more about hamfistedly sexifying unsexy things in order to get attention, I think. Seen a few guys dressed as sexy zombies in ripped t-shirts to show off their torsos, so it’s not gender-exclusive exactly. Sexy Spartans too, jfc.


It’s going to be Ched, isn’t it? And it’s going to be horrible to witness.


If you have a drink every time you see a girl dressed as harley quinn you’ll be dead by 8pm