What's good in... berlin

I’m going to Berlin next week, and basically haven’t planned anything yet. Does anyone have any recommendations? We’ll be staying in Friedrichshain if that means anything to anyone.

I don’t think we’ll be doing any hardcore clubbing (my girlfriend has told me I’m not allowed to queue at Berghain and get turned away). I’d be interested in any museums about East Berlin or good galleries.

Would there be anywhere good to eat also?


Mauerpark market is great fun. Lots of good bars etc. Round Neukolln way.

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The Spy Museum is worth a visit

We were there as a family a couple of years back so didn’t really explore the nightlife. Great city though.

Not sure what’s going on with that link preview

You’re staying in a good area for food and pubs. Everything around Boxhagener Platz is great, such good vibes in the evenings there sitting out to eat. It’s quite chilly just now though, so pack an extra couple of layers! :slight_smile:


If the weather is decent then def get out to Tempelhof!

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A couple of very touristy recommendations that we really enjoyed.

The DDR Museum is great

Also highly recommended a trip up theTV tower in Alexanderplatz. Great views of the city


Angry Chicken

Were v good eats last time I was there


rent a bike and go to Templehopf


I’d set aside time to go on a walking tour, really illuminating and obviously very sad.

I also went on a boat ride that showed you every bridge in Berlin (there’s fuckloads) which was nice


Could do a lot worse than Monsieur Vuong for great fast Vietnamese food and Stagger Lee for cocktails.


The Checkpoint Charlie museum is great, it’s got a homemade, ramshackle quality that’s really endearing

Omg how could I forget my namesake, museum der dinge!!! It’s definitely a decent trip if you’re interested in design actually.

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Berlinische Galerie and Hamburger Bahnhof are both great contemporary galleries. Jewish Museum is well worth a visit.

Konrad Tönz is a great little pokey cocktail bar in Kreuzberg.

I’ve never had any problems getting into Berghain - just don’t be a dick in the queue and best turn up around 4am. Well worth it.

Have fun!

OMG Berlin is my favourite city.

The DDR museum (as recommended by @bornin69x ) is awesome, as is the Stasi museum.

Don’t bother with Checkpoint Charlie.

Do go to the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of the Holocaust. Try to go at dusk if you can but it is awesome any time.

Go to Treptower Park and look at some of the most enormous Soviet statues ever.

Holzmarkt is a cool place; it’s mostly outdoors but there are bars and food places and fires you can sit by. If you go during the day get a cinnamon roll from the bakery there as they are incredible.

Hire Mobikes and Lime Scooters to get around. It’s lots of fun.

Get a Bugermeister after a night of drinking. Do make sure you also get the dirty fries. they are SO GOOD.

The Computer Game museum is also fun.

Monster Ronson’s karaoke is fun.

Every Sunday there is a market at Mauer Park.


Do you like craft beer?

too bad if you do, it’s lager city :sunglasses:


:laughing: I was about to recommend loads of craft beer bars and then thought it might be a waste of time if pinkybrain isn’t interested!

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Grabbing an Augustiner from the späti and a walk pretty much anywhere time well spent