What's good in... berlin

I recommend the beer. Every pint I had in Berlin was next level.

Other than that we just stumbled around with no plans and it was still great but I know we missed loads of cool stuff.

this is my favorite bar, it’s skewed towards football but if you’re not a tory and like grimey dive bars you will be welcomed

eating and drinking is cheap everywhere, just avoid the tourist spots (Alexanderplatz) and you’ll be fine

Didn’t know you could do that with maps on here

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The Botanical Garden is well worth the trip, it looks a little out the way but easy and quick to get to. Also Gardens of the World is nice for an afternoon wander, it has a cable car taking you over the park which is fun.

Quite a few clubs (except Berghain) are now doing pre-sale tickets on Resident Advisor for some nights, which saves on queueing. Renate and Anomolie Art Club seem to have interesting line ups at the moment.

Sameheads, Paloma Bar, and most bars on Weserstraße are good for cheap drinks and open til late. Lots of nice cafes in Freidrichshain - Kaffee Ingwer and Silo both particularly good.

Favourite food places are 1990 restaurant for Vietnamese, and Voner for vegan kebabs, currywurst etc. Markethalle Neun is also fun with plenty of food options inside and nearby.


Also the Boros Collection if you fancy some modern art inside a massive WW2 bunker that used to be a club. Have to book in advance and do a guided tour.

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Sadly this is booked out for like a month :sweat_smile: our fault for booking flights so late

Ah that’s a shame! The Hamburger Bahnhof is good for modern art too, and there’s an interesting exhibition at Schinkel Pavillon with works by HR Giger: https://www.schinkelpavillon.de/


Thread has inspired me to plan a trip late November to see my bud


Just go spontaneously and ask nicely if you can join. I’ve been a couple times like that, there are always people who reserve and don’t show up. It’s really worth it too!

another vote for Davidoff Cool Mauerpark Flea Market. was just such a gorgeous vibe there. went to see the open-air karaoke thing too, loved it. imagine it’ll be v. pretty with the Autumnal trees

I stayed in Friedrichschain too, in a very lovely hostel

I reckon bike-rental is a great idea. I got a travel pass for the trains, but either is a good idea

there’s a great vegan doughnut shop with a handful of locations called Brammibal’s, but go to the one in Friedrichschain-Kreuzberg. near where you’ll be staying + you can eat by the canal with all the swans

I didn’t rate Tempelhof myself, altho there’s a nice community garden there

could just base your days around nice places to eat and drink, wander around and enjoy the general feel of the place. one big sketchbook, loads of historicity, lots of old cars and bikes

falafel im bröt is always a good idea as it’s cheap and properly good because of the Turkish diaspora

go on an alternative walking tour

go to the Tiergarten - I regret not going so badly

späti beers for a couple of € each, walk around drinking because people can be trusted over there


I live in Berlin, so I don’t have many touristy recommendations (and also everyone else has already said most of what I’d recommend), but I can tell you some things I enjoy doing.

If you eat meat then you should have a döner (either im brot - which is the Berlin speciality, or durum which is a wrap which is much easier to eat).

If you like chicken you should go to Risa - it’s a Berlin-only fried chicken chain, which also does the best rotisserie chicken I’ve ever eaten.

If you like wallet-emptying Michelin star dining then I’d check if there are reservations left at Ernst, Nobelhart & Schmutzig and Kin Dee (in reverse order of number of courses and also price).

Other food recs:

  • Ryong, veggie Japanese/Vietnamese fusion
  • District Mot, bao buns but in German bread
  • Zeit für Brot, excellent cinnamon rolls
  • Buya Ramen, self explanatory
  • La Maison, super popular French bakery in Kreuzberg
  • Sofi, less popular but insanely good bakery in Mitte
  • Bahn Mi Stable, though I don’t think they have indoor seating
  • Sahara Imbiss, Sudanese fast food (get the peanut sauce)

If you like coffee then I can recommend Bonanza, Coffee Circle, Companion, Concierge, Five Elephant, Kajumi, 19 Grams, and honestly loads more places. It’s a pretty good coffee city.


Kathe Kollwitz Museum. Small but hugely interesting.

Love Berlin. Would highly recommend a ‘pay what you want’ walking tour. We did one with a guy who was a history PhD and it was really informative and very moving. Sadly I can’t find the details anymore.

Take warmer clothes than you think you’ll need. We went in October and it was Baltic (literally).

Any recommendations for a nice spenny-ish (it’s a special occasion) restaurant?

Also @moderators could this be moved to the Travel forum please.

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Thinking about going in February, is it going to be horribly cold/unpleasant?

Yes, my pal whos stilll over there said it was -9 today.

Dunno how fancy you’re talking but this initially came to mind at least


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Depends on your budget!

Kin Dee is a really good fancy Thai place. Used to have a Michelin star but lost it a year or so ago (I think because the menu hadn’t been updated since they got it). Probably 80ish a head without drinks.

Hallmann & Klee is really good “modern European”(?), maybe 100ish a head.

Barra in Schillerkeiz is also really nice, think it was about 50 a head last time I was there.

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