What's good in your life right now?

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a thread like this, especially if you are feeling down to take stock and vocalise/typilise the good things in your life.

  • Recent health scare is supposedly not too bad (though I don’t ever trust doctors)
  • I have a great best friend who I see every week so I’m never that lonely
  • eating bread and butter and it’s absolutely delicious

Hope you all have nice things in your life too!


Got a cute baby
Moving into a nice new flat soon
Got some fun holidays booked


Had a nice weekend away with my friends which was very pleasant and reminded me how lucky I am to have mates that stretch back like 20 years now and how nice it is to have grown up together and now people have wives and kids and stuff and that the kids could end up mates with each other and all the wives/partners are now pals as well and that. Just nice the way life progresses sometimes innit.


congratulations on both your fatherhood and your flathood!

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Yeah that’s a huge blessing, to have people in your life you can just be totally yourself around and don’t feel under pressure to be cool or interesting etc


Where bounce u movin’ pal?

Literally round the corner from our current place, a tad closer to Brockley station. But it has two bedrooms so we may finally get some sleep. #pleasegod

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Got the delivery of three copies of this today

And this 12” is out next week;


So that’s good progress on the music front & I’ll be putting out a mixtape next month too

Elsewhere I’ve been doing an evening class since the start of January and I have a whole day of exams tomorrow that I’m actually looking forward to as it’ll be a nice accomplishment to have completed the course

:heart: :heart: my family too. It’s great to love & be loved

Good thread bammers, glad the health thing is not as bad as you feared


congratulations on your well earned success! Fingers crossed for your exams too


you got to have a beer with Eric so that’s good!

What a good idea for a thread!

  • Reducing my antidepressants and feeling heaps better for it

  • No longer feeling horribly hung up on my ex, and now I’m sort of seeing someone

  • The fact I’ll be moving out of my parents’ place and into a gorgeous place in Brighton soon (hopefully)

  • it’s spring now I guess
  • got a little one on the way (although I’d argue this is causing me a bit of stress too)
  • had a cracking day off
  • landlord’s installing a new boiler as we speak
  • might have pizzer tonight

aw glad things are working out for you :slight_smile: Brighton sounds like a lovely place

  • 11 baby Egyptian geese on St James’s Park lake.
  • Blue tit checking out my video nest box
  • Not quite as cold out
  • No money worries for the time being
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Yeah it’s great. Living with my parents has taken a huge weight off my shoulders when I needed that burden to be lifted, but I’m itching to get back to Brighton. The place I’m (hopefully) moving into is right in town, which I’m so excited about :smiley:

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  • Seeing a lot of the folks over the next few weeks
  • Struggling to think of a second thing tbh

The first two points are making me want to sing “… and a partridge in a pear treeeeee”

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sorry you’re finding it hard to see the positives at the moment but I’m sure they will come back to you :slight_smile:

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I wish! I have to make do with a pied wagtail on the pave-ment.

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