What's good in your life today?

  • my mum’s doing a little bit better, think her anxiety treatment is working (but sssshhh!)
  • Lo-Pan complimented my music yesterday, that was a nice feeling!
  • going to get a bath in, I love baths!
  • I’m looking forward to the challenge of getting thin and making lots of music even though I’m a bit scared as I’ll be unemployed this time next week.

Take a moment to smile and think about what makes you happy x


I’m on a train going through the Alps, and it’s sunny.


where are you heading to?

Good thread Bam and good news about your Mum too!

  • I’m about to go and play a DJ set with my friends as part of the festival they’re putting on.
  • I played one of the best shows of my life last night.
  • I live in a wonderful house filled with my friends.
  • Chelsea won yesterday!

man the buzz from playing live is almost unbeatable!

I’m very envious of your life I must say

Had pancakes for breakfast
Have very little work to do for tomorrow
My chronic heartburn seems to be getting better

A small town on the Slovenian border where I have to go for work. I’m looking toward to this hotel because it’s a bit nicer than my work normally springs for, and has a sauna and so on. I’ve got to change trains in Graz in about 20 minutes.


I felt like I was coming down off drugs after the show.

Ah Bam, no need to be envious. You’re an amazingly talented man who makes great music!


I had some hummus just now and I got an unreserved window seat on the train to Leeds. Probably going to have some nice cider when I get to Leeds. :ok_hand:

Another vote for breakfast pancakes.
Spending most of the rest of my day playing games.

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I can recommend a pretzel lunch too.


thanks, I try to believe that but there’s always self-doubt. Need to get back in the “studio” next week and prove myself wrong

Off to a screening of There Will Be Blood with the live score tonight.

Made some '70s B-movie trailer music for my uni’s ‘One Minute Movie’ competition entry (that I hope to do some work on this week, if people are willing / available to help out)


Hotel is indeed nice. And I have a little balcony! It also has a new telly, which means I can plug my laptop into it to watch things.

This is my view. About 30 miles in that direction is Slovenia.


Find someone to play table tennis with :slight_smile:


looking at stalenhag again

i ate three donuts

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There’s three other teachers arriving later, so I think I’m set there. The hotel also lends out bikes. I thought that wouldn’t be much fun this time of year, but the snow has melted now so that might be a goer. (And this is the furthest south you can get in Austria)

my bed


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