What's happening Wednesday? (A Wednesday Thread)


How are you?

What are you up to today, any plans to break the monotony of lockdown?


What should I do today?

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I’m just going to register my relief that I pressed ‘refresh’ before starting my own Wednesday thread.

I’m okay thanks. Tuesdays are my worst day of the week (two really awkward Teams meetings) so am always glad to get them out of the way.

Today I’m working, but I’m also going to batch cook some beef panang and some chorizo and bean soup.

I’m not sure what you should do, but I think maybe you should order something nice for yourself from online, and get out of the house for a few minutes while it’s sunny.

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Someone’s replacing the boiler so I can’t use the facilities until they’re done
gonna make an apple flapjack later and try and do a lot of reading

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Might clean the car. Might sit in it when I’m done.

Morning all

First day back at work after a week off and had 108 emails since I checked on Friday. Mental.

Been up since 5 on the laptop finishing a report, now got a load of dull admin to do and just ploughing on til the weekend. Would give my right arm to go for a beer in a pub tonight - first cravings since all this started.

morning FL, all :wave:

I am tired, stayed up too late last night and didn’t sleep particularly well. hoping it’ll get better when I have breakfast etc.

work up first today, have a couple of video call interviews which I’ve never done before - don’t really like interviewing people and hate phone interviewing people, so expecting this to be somewhere in the middle. then probably going to play some games this evening.

dunno what to suggest you do - for some reason “eat ice cream” popped into my head but I recommend everyone does that regardless.



Sleepy, not bad though

Supermarket, possibly bottle bank, bit of gardening, lots of Sopranos.

Make a cake.


It’s Wednesday! I honestly didn’t know until I took my medication this morning what day it was, thank heavens for calendar packs. Actually slept okay last night, so trying to get through some work now, then who knows really? Got to go to the shop, that’ll take some time, and do some ‘home educating’ (yesterday’s additional lesson was keyboard, which actually went quite well. I think we’re going to do some baking, which I class as teaching, and maybe some more music-based stuff. It’s really hard to know exactly how much we should be pushing our kid, because she’s six and I don’t really see the need to drive it that hard, but then also I would like her to go back to school eventually not having fallen behind. Gah)

Hope you’re all having a decent Wednesday. It continues very sunny and nice here, by the way.

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I may have ordered some ni e things yesterday :shushing_face:. Stuck my head out the window for a bit if that counts as outside? Haven’t been in the public outside for a week as anxiety absolutely destroyed me last time, will try get out into the garden though :+1:

This is a good recommendation :+1:

While I think we have cake ingredients, I’m not sure we have anything for i icing. Maybe I should finally make the cheese scones I’ve been meaning to make though :thinking:


Take dog for a walk.

Go to Aldi and get fruit and lunch stuff for work.

Back at work tonight.

Scones are always a pleasure!

Alternative option if you are lacking icing, could you make some kind of drizzle cake instead?

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Kickstarter for my range of quaradvent calendars. What day is it? Who cares! But open the next door and it might be some chocolate, or a single malt, maybe a Valium, a Netflix code, 1000 turnips for animal crossing, etc


Baking counts as science and maths.

Music counts as music and can also be science and history if you want it to be.


Didn’t sleep very well so today I’ll mostly be playing Animal Crossing and deleting non-urgent work emails.

Also maybe making pizza if my dough wakes up. It’s not looking promising at the moment.

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You could just Sharpie the days of the month onto a pack of Valium, less surprise but more Valium!


God I love Valium

It’s got Yum in the name! They want it to be enjoyable!

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Should’ve set an alarm


Hi FL and everybody!

Going to plant some seeds, make honeycomb, carrot bacon and maybe some bread. V also wants it make lemonade with lemons and limes so we’ll have a go at that.

Have to say, feeling well grumpy and irked today for no real reason. Probably as I haven’t left the house since Thursday other than the garden so might have to take a long walk or bike ride out too.