What's Homer Simpson's favourite toy?

Who’s Homer Simpsons favourite FA Cup hero?

Roy EssanD’oh (the ceefax striker)

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Good one that, reckon the football thread regulars would love some more

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@profk @The_Respected_User please confirm

You’re free to do what you want to do

Any thoughts on ‘the ceefax striker’ you’d like to share with the group?

Would prefer to remain discreet about that if you don’t mind.

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What’s Home Simpson favourite extinct bird?

The Queen mother


A D’ohd’oh!!

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Yeah, fuck Wycombe!

I’d wager his favourite Oscar Wilde work is The Picture of D’ohrian Gray


play-doh isn’t a toy really is it, whole thread is void, please retract

did Toys R Us sell it?

is paint a toy

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ahh it seems when you wanted to redecorate you’ve been going to Toys R Us and when you wanted a toy you’ve been going to B and Q

What is Homer’s favourite anhydrous carbonate mineral?


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Homer Simpson’s favourite ABBA song?


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Yeah, I’m not too fussed either way here

Roy Kabina Essandoh is a Northern Ireland former professional footballer. He is best remembered for his last gasp FA Cup quarter final winner while with Wycombe Wanderers.

Hate this