What's in Jaffa Cakes?

Someone told me in the pub the other day that Jaffa Cakes don’t actually contain any orange - that the filling is actually made of apricots, and looking online, I’ve seen a Telegraph article and various mentions to a QI book (hmm) confirming this. I’ve got a packet in front of me and suspiciously, I’ve noted the strap line says “The original blend of dark crackly chocolate, light sponge & the smashing orangey bit” - note, orangeEY, not orange. The ingredients list “Concentrated orange juice (8% orange juice equivalent)” and later “natural orange flavouring”.

Now I don’t know what to believe.

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Some things man is just not meant to know, I guess.

concentrated jaffa


ur a concentrated jaffa

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fuck, now I want jaffa cakes



50p for a dimebag (ten Jaffa Cakes) in Tezzbots right now.

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Is “orange juice equivalent” apricot juice?

From the McVitie’s website:

McVitie & Price introduced the Jaffa Cake in 1927. It contained a simple combination of sugar and tangerine oil to form the sealed layer of jam. The cakes were named after the Jaffa oranges which flavour the zesty centre of the cake.

this did me

Always good to go for the tax angle

referring to a packet of jaffacakes as a ‘dimebag’ has done me.


sounds like they contain orange to me.

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Just had an M&S one with Mango in. Was alright.

If it was apricot that would make sense because I’m not huge fan of orange, but quite like apricot jam (especially on a croissant :tipping_hand_woman: ) nd I do enjoy a jaffa cake. That said I like(d) orange jelly (growing up) so who knows.

I hope this stream of consciousness has been helpful, insightful and enlightening




Orange juice EQUIVALENT

Just sugar innit

Don’t be difficult.

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Jaffa cakes are the pringles of the biscuit world. Too tasty to stop once you open a pack

Some kind of jelly-like substance, isn’t it? Possibly jelly.