What's in your ideal washing machine

  • 3 jumpers/hoodies
  • work trousers
  • jeans
  • 7 pairs of pants
  • hand towel
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 4 shirts
  • 6 t-shirts

Here it is:

  • 7 or 8kg load.
  • 1600 rpm spin, 1400 at worst
  • 15 or 20 min wash with the option to use the motherfucking 1600 max spin setting!
  • Ability to unlock the door in any situation even if I’ll flood the fuck out of the room.

I’m a 9kg man, Theo. Once you get kids in the equation you need that extra space.

It’s the only way to get grass stains out of their knees.

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Well you do have two

No I don’t!

Ex-chancellor of the exchequer Mr Gordon Brown

Then you don’t need 9kg

9kg is a game changer. Love our new washing machine

I’m probably about twice the size of you so my clothes take up more space, could be why.

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Using a washing machine is proper Tory



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1600 rpm are u mad! That would shake my home to bits, no more the 800 for me

Whites, colours, darks - all mixed in because fuck the police…

Enjoy your wet clothes.

Mine was fine. Modern machines are great and 1600 gives you clothes that will dry much quicker

I had a toploader before, back to normal now and miss it.

You can’t get 1600 in the UK anymore as far as I am aware. You Aussies and your crazy speeds!

We only have 1400 here but actually it’s very good so probably our machine is better at water usage

As little as needs ironing as possible.

plastic fiver

oh no! i’ve left my fiver in my jeans… wait. I don’t care bc it’s made of plastic :sunglasses: