What's in your ideal washing machine


I’m going 800rpm. don’t want to fuck all my clothes up.

I’m with Theo on this, 1400 all the way. If I had 2k I would smash it through that.


Size of drum, cycles, etc, are all completely irrelevant. The only thing i look for is quietness. They’re all so fucking loud. Got a cheap Bush one and can barely hear it.

Mad how many people separate their clothes into darks, lights and colours. Once an item’s had one wash there’s quite literally zero need, with the exception of wool stuff which you might want to bung on a 30°/40°.

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Is it nearly time for another heated minky thread? I’ve been banned from getting one (not enough space in the house apparently) but might just go mental and sneak one in when outside drying becomes impossible (very soon).

Are you washing over 40, you nutcase?

We are all about dehumidifiers nowadays, harru.


Stuff smells nicer the higher temperature it’s washed at, imho. Jumpers at 30°, everything else at 50° normally. Costs literally pence more.

Tell me more

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Bit of action here:

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My washing machine has 1600 spin!

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ILLEGAL! I might have to perform a citizen’s arrest!

Actually it seems that you can still buy them. When I bought three years back there weren’t any about.

Careful now, Maximum rpm crew…

What this graph shows is the actual gain from a 1000rpm baseline of the difference in water extraction from 1200 through to 2000rpm…

The biggest gain, seen on the 1800 and 2000rpm machines gain a mere 22ml more water extracted, a little over four teaspoons of water, over a machine that spins at half that top speed.

@marckee - can we get some adjudication on this, please?

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For a man who lives in Australia, (the land of sun) to use 1600 rpm its simply obscene! :wink:

In winter I really do have to choose between wet clothes or causing structural damage to my property.

Plus all the clothes must be hung upside down by default so dry quickly.

Yet he still uses 1600rpm no wonder they have hole in ozone!

what kind of cash do i need to be dropping on a dehummer, lonzo?

Dunno. Mine was about £150 or so. To be honest I thought it would solve all our condensation issues (without clothes up, on really cold days) and it did make it better but wasn’t a total solution. However it massively helps with drying clothes, especially in a small room with the door closed.

Not sure if they all do but ours has a special clothes setting.

It is amazing how much water they suck out of your house.

So does mine.

Everything goes on 1600 spin apart from sportswear which gets 1400.

That is a fucking insane level of decadence.

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