what's in your junk emails?


Could they not have gone for PEN15-inch for fuck’s sake. Where’s the artistry.

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I got a spam phone call yesterday and it was a recorded message telling my my national insurance number was being shut down because of financial irregularities (?) and I had “the legal troubles”. It asked me to press 1 for more information, and it was difficult because I really did want more information.

Always my favourite


I don’t get much spam in my main email account, but my old one gets loads. Someone called Mary had it before me and it was already getting a lot of spam as soon as i set it up. I don’t know why i didn’t choose another one at the time as it’s free. Sometimes the spam is still addressed to Mary even though she hasn’t had the account since 2002 at the latest.

That’s what I say when I’ve got anxiety bumwee before a hearing


Just rubbish from conmen


“Loads” of notifications from this forum

@Unlucky turn them off then


Have just found the vegbox invoice thing which i thought theyd just stopped sending.

Disappointingly there is NOTHING related to my lack of sexual prowess or tiny penis.

I have won a lot of Dysons though.

Nominative determinism at work there


I got one the other day via FB that literally said “I am a prostitute and I will fuck you well for cash”. Usually it’s a bit more subtle than that.

Then there’s this, which manages to be offensive on almost every conceivable level. Multiple layers of racism, deeply nsfw AND an insinuation that my penis is unsatisfying. Blurred, obv - be warned.

Do these people even know what 15" is?

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it’s almost enough

I got one of these last night. Tried to imagine how much of an inconvenience it would be to have a 15 inch tadger. That’s almost a third leg.

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