What's In Your Pockets?

Hi! It’s just occured to me that I currently have rather a lot in my pockets. I have:

1x set of keys (house, parents house, shed etc)
1x set of keys on a key fob marked ‘container’ (work related keys)
1x landline cordless phone handset
1x walkie talkie
1x wallet
1x mobile phone
1x Wrigleys Extra Blue Chewing Gum

What about you?

*Keep it light please, no “what’s in your pockets? Despair and misery” or stuff like that.

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Probably some bits of fingernail that I’ve pulled off (steady) and that’s it.

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Don’t have pockets, I’m a woman :woman_shrugging:


Literally always this:

Left front pocket: Keys
Right front pocket: Phone
Back left pocket: Empty
Back right pocket: Wallet

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but this is insanity.





Front door keys/car keys on one fob.
Parents door keys (i’m feeding the cat while they are away).
Mobile phone
Asthma inhaler

Left front: keys, cash, cards, chuddie
Right front: phone, headphones
Left back: nothing
Right back: work card

You may substitute ‘bag’ or ‘purse’ for pockets if you wish.


Given the choice, would you take a marsupial pouch?

How come?

Standard setup is phone front right, wallet front left, keys in jacket/coat. Dump it all on a table when I get to where I’m going though.

Putting anything in your back pocket that would be really annoying to lose is a dreadful idea.

I guess so.

I reckon most things in my wallet are replaceable

also I have a 1p in my shirt boob pocket that a lady gave me and I use it like a screwdriver

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Yeah but… hassle.

Alright Smeagol



not wearing trousers tbh