What's in your work vending machine?

So bored. But I reckon the one here is pretty decent.

No food. Soft drinks, 30p a can.

We don’t have one.

There was a poll on whether we should get one, I voted no. There’s a sainsburys two minutes down the road, go there.

Don’t @ me

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Dont have one

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Good thread.


Not on vendbook.

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Don’t have one.

This is a travesty:


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It’s certainly disappointing.

Imagine if they were different prices, as some sort of social experiment.

Nothing like a fresh pastry in the morning


Oh is that what that is. I thought it was a hybrid croisant/fleshlight.

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I don’t think that’s a thing we should rule out


are they from 1995?

we have a honesty box tuck shop with proceeds going to our food bank. have chocolate bars, crisps, pot noodles, fruit, fizzy pop, some other stuff can’t remember.

lukewarm cans of pop


Off to the bogs with my pastry sex aid for a quick Elevensie

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ours stops working a lot and just spits your money back at you. i thought i worked out how to fix it once but we broke it even more in the process.

I hope not!

What a rollercoaster!