What's [Lunch] got to do with it?

please tell me

  • the contents of your lunch
  • time eaten
  • rating/10

Salad (mashed spicy avo, roquito peppers, olives, beetroot, green beans, croutons, spinach base, honey balsamic dressing)
I ate it in 15 mins because I have a meeting now.

Got some salted popchips and a banana for later.

10/10. I love that salad.

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Same as yesterday except cheese and pickle bagel.

(Ate the bagel and cheddars an hour ago)

pret souper tomato + roll, sweet n salt popcorn
started 12:58pm

rating pls

7/10 - would have preferred sandwich pickle instead of original, and also didn’t enjoy wolfing it down in ten minutes

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Got to the front of a massive queue in the canteen before realising I couldn’t eat most of what was on and didn’t fancy what was left. Stomped to Tezbots in a huff to get a misery sandwich and some fruit.

Ate at approximately 12.50.

Misery sandwich/10

Kiev and hoops. Eaten at 12:30 - boss called me in the middle so I didn’t really enjoy it.

Pulled pork soft shell tacos

the guy in the canteen was not really in his flow of serving the dish - took him forever and was a bit of a mess, but he was very nice and gave me some extra pork to compensate

Ate at about 12:30, would have got it down in under 5 minutes (I am a fast eater, with a high risk of moving into gross/ disgusting etc if I don’t watch myself and remember I’m not at a trough and no one is going to steal my food)

It was OK, but pricey for canteen food at £4. I’ll give it 6/10

You say that, but can you ever really be sure?

(I am also a fast eater)


How fast do you eat?

  • I like to wolf it doooooown
  • Normal speed I guess?
  • Still picking at the remains of my breakfast tbh

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  • 2 rounds of cheese on toast
  • in around half hour’s time
  • dunno/10

some people in my team are just crazy slow - they will get some lunch at like 1, and are still picking at it at like 4pm or something… nuts

pls come back when you have something to contribute to this thread!!!

Yes sir

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Taleggio and red onion marmalade toastie with a side of rocket and carrot.

12:35 PM - 12:45 PM


The “marmalade” made it a little bit too soggy for my liking, but it tasted great.

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  • chicken katsu curry
  • dunno, about half an hour?
  • 8/10

It’s the same thing I have most days, eric.

Can’t get the line “They’re dinky, they’re pinky and the brain brain brain brain, brain brain brain brain” out of my head.

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guys, RTF!!

Think you need to have more control over the format tbh