What's on your Christmas list?




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What do you want for Christmas?
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Socks and boxers.


Don’t want anything, just want to get nice things for my parents, my brothers, my housemates and my girlfriend. Feel so bad for missing previous Christmases.


For real though, I’d kill for a 3 pack of really good boxers


Nice bottle of japanese whisky pls


Nothing for me!


it’s nice when people get me frilly pants but I would be really happy with some plain black M&S bikini ones


New series of Twin Peaks and Fargo on DVD. That’s it.


A break from work will be enough.


How best to drop the hint that I would like some underwear?

Just bemoan the state of the current crop? Go commando with a very obvious builders bum and use the “have no boxers” excuse?


So if I get you in the Secret Santa I get you nothing???


ask if anyone knows how to spell boxers cause you’re writing a list of things you need


Haha, sure! Buy yourself a pint of beamish :smiley:


Don’t really want anything but parents are insisting on getting me “things to open before the baby comes and Christmas becomes all about them.” I actually just want things for the baby because that shit is expensive.


Dunno, but I imagine, like @hankscorpio, that there’ll be a lot of baby related stuff

I’d prefer vinyl, nice cycling stuff and beer


:pound: :money_with_wings: :pound: :money_with_wings: :pound: :money_with_wings: :pound: :money_with_wings: :pound:


I’ll fly to Edinburgh with a pint in each pocket for youuuuu!


A new suit


subthread: gifts that you will always enjoy.

foundation (as featured above)
moisturiser (same)
nice body lotion
nice perfume
fancy shampoos and conditioners
nice shower gels
nice lipsticks and lipliners
other makeup
nice alcohol
nice food
nice handbags
nice trainers
new jeans
hardback books
magazine subscriptions
vouchers for spa days
restaurant vouchers

stuff like that, not fussy just love presents