What's on your coathangers? (crucial important audit)


I.e. is EVERYTHING on your coat hangers - tshirts, shirts, coats, jackets, trousers - or are you just hanging your shirts and coats?

This is incredibly important. Please answer.


Work clothes.

Everything else gets folded.


Shirts, suits and cycle gear.


Not t-shirts (they’re folded in a drawer).

On hangers:



Here is what I have on coat hangers:

Two suits
Six shirts
Three jumpers
Two hoodies
One jackety thing
One jean
One other trouser


Jackets / Coats


Quality answering so far!


Poor Jean.


Shirts, suits, coats only. T-shirts, jeans, shorts, jumpers, hoodies, etc. are all folded in drawers.


I hang up most things, only fold t shirts. I hang up some of my jumpers but don’t have enough hangers, so fold some too. Madness!


ALL tops. All. Shirts, t-shirts, jumpers the lot of it. No coats. No trousers.

The only trousers that are in there are suit trousers which are nested within the suits hanging up.


This isn’t me being facetious but it is pretty much coats.


this is basically where i’m at except for band tshirts which i fold. general-use tshirts i hang if they’re work-friendly


Mainly dresses, plus a few shirts (short sleeved) as of late


Polo shirts (n.b. not t-shirts)
Work trousers

Everything else = folded


Bit of everything really.

Coats, jumpers, hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, trousers.

No jeans, footwear or underwear though.


All t-shirts are on hangers. All.

I’m afraid I cannot stand beside your point about band t-shirts because I dislike them intensely and therefore don’t wear any.


:smiley: this is fair (MADNESS I SAY)


Bloody hell. How much wardrobe space do you have?


Trousers! Are you some sort of Tory?