What's on your fridge?

Come on then, show off you’re magnets or kid’s pictures or whatever.

Wedding invites :neutral_face:

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thinly veiled ‘ive been to america’ post :wink:


Loads of silly anarchist stuff. @incandenza and @anon82218317 can attest

Think there’s a postcard from the vatican that says “Hail Satan, Abort Everything” from my pal too.


A magnetic bottle opener
A magnetic sticker thing with a cat’s face on it

Nothing, obviously

Sometimes there’s a recipe that Clive has torn out of a magazine/weekend supplement, stuck in with Blu Tac. But currently there is nothing on the fridge.


Nothing. My fridge is below the counter top so it’s not a great place for sticking stuff.

Our fridge is covered in fridge magnets. Mrs F loves them and buys them everywhere we go. We also have a couple of sets of luminous letters which she’s used to group and label the destinations. I bought her a few extras for Christmas, but now she’s complaining there still aren’t enough Es in the set to do it right. I am not quite sure she’s joking when she says the next place we go has to be doable with the remaining letters. If not then we’re going to Canada or Panama next holiday.

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Set of photobooth pics of me, my sis and plasticmike

Current “tasting notes” for the coffee I’ve got on the go

Takeaway menu for Pide - the grandfather of pizza :ok_hand:

Couple of magnets from when friends / family have been away

I’ll take a picture later

This wee dude.


Pictures not descriptions pls!


They could have been gifts :wink:

Used to have this up for Easter bantz when I lived in Haggerston:



3 x thank you cards for baby gifts, including pictures of said babies
A homemade magnet with a picture of the TV in it
A magnetic post it note holder

My fridge door isn’t magnetic :slightly_frowning_face:

Got a picture of me with some family in a fancy restaurant in Paraguay on the radiator in the living room though

I’m at work. My fridge isn’t here.

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We have a truly awful fridge magnet that one of my friends brought back from Canada as a joke.

It’s a misshapen moose, painted in the colours of the Canadian flag, but with a maple leaf that has five sections, rather than three.

At the moment it is holding up a piece of paper with a list of food items and their best before date on it.