What's on your walls mates

Just ordered this to frame.

Got a pretty sweet tourist board of Sri Lanka one my girlfriend/partner got while on a placement

Signed CRJ poster

And some bike shit

My phone camera is shite.

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Here he is!


Got loads of stuff needing framed, including this:

Is it expensive to get stuff framed properly?


Lots of over-stylised pictures of shit bikes

that’s proper nice. got a couple of things framed properly, because they were non standard sizes so couldn’t just bung them in an ikea frame. Was about £50 a pop with the cheapest wood frame iirc

Comic art in the lounge. Loads of other bits but no photos.


yeah. mad expensive. no idea why.

Probably labour, materials, tools and expertise, I reckon

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Bits and bobs, biggest two things are these:




I’ve got that same signed CRJ poster that I think everyone here bought after I posted it in the selfie thread.

Mounting and framing a picture properly is a fucking nightmare job. Happy to pay someone a deserved wedge for doing it right.

There’s a few places nearby that seem to do it, will pop in later and ask.

Must have about 20 prints framed and up in our gaff. More than half are Artist Mates™ own stuff tbf. Some of it I can take or leave but a few prints are genuinely fucking great.

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Swiped some good gig posters from venues over the years, had them stuck up in my old bedroom but when I was moving house and took them down they took some paint off with them. Afraid to stick them up in my new room. Got one or two stuck to the wardrobe but that’s it. Might actually frame a couple of the best ones though. We’ve got a few unused picture hooks throughout the house

Painted by my dad:

A piece a friend made, plus a gift from her:

Some other prints around the flat:


Love the montage behind plassymike, we have a similar one (but without a clock and bike nonsense)

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Still the same answer

woah didn’t know you could get chocolate boxes that big!

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