What's on your walls mates



woah didn’t know you could get chocolate boxes that big!


I like your walls


got some gorgeous old olympics posters that i need to frame and put up, think this is the highlight


Latest acquisition.


And this, which isn’t really on a wall, just on a shelf.



My walls are blank, I’ve got loads of posters/ephemera, was thinking of covering the wall of more spare room (musical instrument room) with cork and sticking them all up


Something that looks like this

This but without the guardian thing

And this



I wanted to do that in my old place. Ordered a big sheet of cork and everything but never got round to do it. Bet it’d look great though. Did a variation on it in my tiny office area using pegboard. Might redo it and cover the whole area though as it’s already full.



Not my pic. I don’t have a gold skull on a side table.







That first one is lovely - where’s it from?


Amazon, I think. There’s loads of different ones - an artist called Norman Wilkinson. Good selection at https://www.travelpostersonline.com/norman-wilkinson-posters-13-c.asp


A :canada:, some signed cycling jerseys, some framed walking dead :zombie: issues, a collage of :biking_man: race numbers


Just gonna steal all your walls I reckon.


My wall decorations are mainly music related.


have you bought two of those records so you can play the other copy :confused: ?