What's on your walls?

What nice (or not nice) things have you got hanging on the walls at home? Prints, posters, photography, ornaments, taxidermy, anything!! I want to see it all! I’ve recently got a few things framed and I’d love to have a nosey at what everyone else is doing. Thanks babes :kissing_heart:

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(mild NSFW)


I think I revealed my Dancer in the Dark framed poster in a selfie not so long ago. Also have this up:


Ooooooo!! Red shoe diaries eh?

EDIT: In all seriousness, I love the colours. Excellent poster.

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Only thing on the wall, temporarily, above the fireplace is this framed Inshaw Print


That’s rubbish, can’t even see their bums.


Oh and a print from the Bowie Is exhibition at the V&A from a few years ago and another from the Alexander McQueen dealy at the same place. Got a rolled up poster from Bjork Digital at Somerset House that needs to go up at some point too.

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Memories. So many repressed memories…

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Visuals JI! Visuals!!

I’ve got the other one from this shoot taken from the front where you can see the tip of his penis.

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I’ll get ye a snap of the Bowie poster when I get home :camera_flash:

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I just have to close my eyes and I’m seeing bums

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I need something for my wall. Been in the flat 3 months now and it is the last thing I need to sort. I’m thinking a large print of some description. Ideas welcome

Absolutely nothing at the minute, don’t really want to put holes in the wall at the new place so currently have lots of frames just sat around in bubble wrap which is starting to do my head in.

Used to have several framed photos of my dog up and these footballers as album cover things:



You’ve got Bammers on your wall!


I’ve (genuinely) got a bunch of Netrunner art prints lying around but I’ve never put them up because I don’t want them in the living room and there’s not much wall space elsewhere.

Got this in the dining room


This in the living room


And a painting of my face in renaissance clothing my mate did in my bedroom. Sounds mental, but my son wanted it in there on the weekend because he’s weird. I didn’t ask for it, my mate randomly did it and it’s brilliant.

Buy a lot of prints. Loads still just in tubes. This one is my favourite - it’s huge.


this place is great for getting framed prints of photos done


Obviously there is a lot or awful rubbish on there - but if you want a print of something specific they may have it

At the moment: nothing.

It’s nearly the next item on the house refurb/decorate list. We’ve got used to the bare walls, but it may look odd to visitors.

We have a few prints and posters of gigs I put on.that we want to frame and put up, as well as photos

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