What's on your walls?

You’ve got Bammers on your wall!


I’ve (genuinely) got a bunch of Netrunner art prints lying around but I’ve never put them up because I don’t want them in the living room and there’s not much wall space elsewhere.

Got this in the dining room


This in the living room


And a painting of my face in renaissance clothing my mate did in my bedroom. Sounds mental, but my son wanted it in there on the weekend because he’s weird. I didn’t ask for it, my mate randomly did it and it’s brilliant.

Buy a lot of prints. Loads still just in tubes. This one is my favourite - it’s huge.


this place is great for getting framed prints of photos done


Obviously there is a lot or awful rubbish on there - but if you want a print of something specific they may have it

At the moment: nothing.

It’s nearly the next item on the house refurb/decorate list. We’ve got used to the bare walls, but it may look odd to visitors.

We have a few prints and posters of gigs I put on.that we want to frame and put up, as well as photos

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Ok, so I’ve got a bit mad with old school posters/wall charts.

These are just two of them at the mo. I’ve got another three and I got one framed the other day too. Can’t wait to get it back!!



can’t see nighthawks anymore without thinking about the anteater one


These are lovely pal :blush:

Does anyone have any Risographs? Any screen prints? Any wall weavings??

I love Hannah Waldrons stuff -

I’ve got a few of her risograph prints.

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Haha… I dunno, a lot of people think my stuff is a bit… odd. BORING BASTARDS

This was the only picture in our bedroom for a long time -

I finally took it down the other day and to my surprise the bf demanded I put it back up. Haha!!! Yaaay, the bull stays.


Lots of screen prints.

A couple of Ben Eine ones, a Craig & Karl one, a few from Rarekind, loads from Print Club London.

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Please photo them when you’re home :heart_eyes:

Oh and it goes without saying… you HAVE to show us the painting of your face when you get home too.

Got this


It’s the data from a big bike ride I did a couple of years ago. It’s lovely

Also have this map of Portsmouth by Jody Silsby


She’s replaced all the road names with Portsmouth slang and vernacular. I love it.



Nice! Love the map :heart:

EDIT: I can imagine it’s a bit of a talking point. People will daunder up to it and not notice it doesn’t have place names until they’re closer n all that jazz.

Put a load of old gig tickets in a couple of clip frames a few years ago so have these on the walls;


Not my photos but these are I few I have…

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Ha! I know her sister! Nice to see her name - she is aces!

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