What's on your walls?


My poppies :heart_eyes:


And my beloved brace of grouse-



Aww you had to fix your spelling didn’t you, just when I was about to make a joke :slight_smile:


Oofft!! Very grand indeed!! I need to get myself along to some auctions, I hear the police have an auction or something? Sorry, vague details but I remember a friend mentioning something about how it was recommended to her for props etc.


police auctions are sometimes brilliant, it’s stuff they’ve recovered from criminals and for whatever reason hasn’t been able to be returned to its rightful owners!

the great western auctions one is really fab for furniture and nicknaks. I got a totally amazing Victorian mahogany chaise long. I’ve had to unsubscribe from their email that sends out the fornightly catalogue as I was going to end up turning the house into an antiques/ bric-a-brac shop.


look at all the dweebs :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Haha that sounds a bit like my flat to be honest :joy: yeah that’ll be the one she was on about!! Glasgow is brilliant for antique/retro shopping!! I need to get through soon for a rummage!!

I feel like you and I would bond over this kind of chat, I love stuff like this. Come to the next meat so we can become besties and plan our shopping trip :wink:


Definitely! :kissing_heart:


Pretty typical band posters on our walls. Got loads but only two are up because framing is expensive and my girlfriend finds them too weird!

There’s also a canvas her friend’s kid made for us by throwing paint on themselves and generally mucking about. I love it. She’s a great kid - an individual soul as you can see! Gonna be very mad and creative.


Just got these bad boys back from the framer
Terrible photos but yeah!



:smiley: really into this



one wall is just a map



One wall is a painting done by the TV

We’ve got a sort of sea /Explorer theme


The piping carries the cable from the cd player to the amp


Generic Ikea New York photos that came with the flat… dunno if I’ll be arsed changing anything.


Guys I got this cuckoo clock that has a mushroom missing and doesn’t work for a pound! Bargin :wink: I want a proper good one one day but they’re like a bazillion of your shiniest pennies :grimacing:

(My finger is hiding a hole in the wall :blush: )

Does anyone else have one? If so where did you get it from??


My finger looks like someone’s run the blur pen in photoshop over it. Mushy-fingered so and so.


I bought a really tacky cuckoo clock fridge magnet from Austria for my friend who collects tacky magnets

I was also in Baden-Württemberg last week, home of the Black Forest. They had a huge selection in tourist shops. Sadly wouldn’t let me take photos.