What's on your walls?


Ooooo!!! Amazing. I’d love a tacky cuckoo clock fridge magnet. I need to up my fridge magnet game.

I’d also love to visit the Black Forest! How cool. Shame about photos tho :confused:


I didn’t actually see the forest mind, I was just in the same Bundesland.

I got to visit Heidelberg though, which is very beautiful.


we don’t have a hole in our wall, no


Was up but moved it to another room and haven’t been arsed hanging it yet


That Brian Blessed poster is the shit my friend!


It’s in the bathroom… cos everyone loves to be laughed at in the nip


Been lining this up for a while now. All the Stones art is the tv’s doing. Need some more Bowie to balance the equation

or maybe go in a slightly different direction


Have this on order:


Where did you get that from???


Ye Olde eBay.


So is it an original?? Was it dollah dollah billz yo? (If you don’t mind me asking! I’ve been trying to find some old school horror film posters but they’re always reprints or an original that costs an absolute load)


Pfft not originals at all m9, do not have the £££ for that at the mo. Which are you looking at?


I was looking at hound of the baskervilles not that long ago.

Not sure if I’m that fussed about it now tho.

Would like something like Phenomena if it had a cool poster. love that film. Will have a look for more and get back to you! :smiley: good choice with yours tho. Great poster!!


I like that! Don’t really get the dates though :thinking:

I’ve got loads of stuff I keep meaning to post in this thread and forgetting. I’ll take some snaps tonight when I get home.


Oh! Haha yeah me neither, there’s lots of different examples of that poster, different colours etc. Some don’t have those random dates on them.

Yes! Please do. I love having a nosey at peoples wall art.


Yes! Love this kind of thread. I’m going to be exhaustive:

In the living room:

Also a map of the sea regions of the UK and two vintage wall hangings, a wall hanging from Ecuador in the 80s but I can’t find a photo of it, and some butterflies from Thailand. Some pictured:

In the hall I have a big photo of Jnr, a concrete and mosaic thing that’s amazing but I can’t find a photo of, and these:

Also a beach scene made out of palm leaves, some iridescent budgies and a clock.


Big gold sunbeam 50s clock, 2 animal masks and some more butterflies, plus shitloads of stuff on the fridge.

My room:

And another wall hanging from Ecuador

Can’t be bothered doing Jnr’s room as she’s got loads of good stuff in there, my favourite is this old campaign poster for keeping the seas clean:


But the photos of me and Jnr have one last strip that’s not pictured that I did on her birthday and that one is all in colour.


:grinning: adorable!


Love love love love!!! :heart_eyes: :heart:

I love literally everything. The black bird on the red background wall hanging is so cool. And not on the wall but that pink chair in the living room!! Pretty.


Thanks, I’m selling that chair :frowning: It was custom made for me last year but I have no money so my lovely chair collection is going next week