What's on your walls?


Aw noo, I’m so sorry. But it’s okay, I see a lot of other even more beautiful chairs in your future! Xx


Finally, after 4 months I have got some pics up and it now looks like home.

Bedroom (Above the headboard)

Living Room (Main wall, about 2m x 60cm)

Living Room (Opposite wall, US classic)

Pleased with my framing and hanging skills



Quite like this :+1:


Thanks. I spent more money on the framing than the print. I usually frame quite simply but wanted something a bit different for the art in this case.


Ah, I always end up spending more on framing, it’s annoying but things do look lovely when done properly and so many things are odd sizes.

I really don’t get WHY OH WHY a3 isn’t a more common frame size. So many artists make things a3 sized! SO MANY. And so they should because it’s a nice size. garumpfh.


All I have is a poster for the Mike Leigh film ‘Life is Sweet’. Pointless purchase.


We really love the art of disc jockeying.


Got this from a local junk shop over the weekend.



Also, I really like the wee wooden dude and house on your mantelpiece! What’s the house?


If I had somewhere else to put the Riso I could have a lovely fireplace.


I think the fact that a riso printer is incredibly cool makes up for the fact it has to live in front of the fireplace.


Got any plans for your riso ?? :smiley:


Yes but I need to clean the inside first which I am not looking forward to



Why’s that? Is it just a build up of ink or something? This is one aspect apart from the cost that puts me off looking into getting my own machine. I just presumed it would be too expensive and I also would not know where to begin with maintenance.


Also put away loads of odds and ends, not helped by the fact I moved all the furniture round in my bedroom this morning so my head was no longer against the party wall that appears to have mice in, and has annoying loud people in the flat.


Last time I put it on it claimed there was a paper jam. I think there’s probably a tiny bit of paper or screen caught in there.

There is a maintenance company but I’d rather not pay to call them out.

I paid £120 for my machine so I can’t complain.


I know, I remember you saying it was a good price. From ebay right? And yeah, I’m sure you can fix it fine yourself! Give it a go and see how it goes.

Your flat is looking lovely :smiley: Very homely, so many interesting bits and bobs.

@Jeremys_Iron really really like this too by the way! I’ve contemplated doing a bit of embroidery myself but that same old familiar feeling of being far too impatient always makes an appearance.


One for @Epimer