What's on your walls?


Ok, so I’ve got a bit mad with old school posters/wall charts.

These are just two of them at the mo. I’ve got another three and I got one framed the other day too. Can’t wait to get it back!!



can’t see nighthawks anymore without thinking about the anteater one


These are lovely pal :blush:


Does anyone have any Risographs? Any screen prints? Any wall weavings??

I love Hannah Waldrons stuff -


I’ve got a few of her risograph prints.




Haha… I dunno, a lot of people think my stuff is a bit… odd. BORING BASTARDS

This was the only picture in our bedroom for a long time -

I finally took it down the other day and to my surprise the bf demanded I put it back up. Haha!!! Yaaay, the bull stays.


Lots of screen prints.

A couple of Ben Eine ones, a Craig & Karl one, a few from Rarekind, loads from Print Club London.


Please photo them when you’re home :heart_eyes:


Oh and it goes without saying… you HAVE to show us the painting of your face when you get home too.


Got this


It’s the data from a big bike ride I did a couple of years ago. It’s lovely

Also have this map of Portsmouth by Jody Silsby


She’s replaced all the road names with Portsmouth slang and vernacular. I love it.



Nice! Love the map :heart:

EDIT: I can imagine it’s a bit of a talking point. People will daunder up to it and not notice it doesn’t have place names until they’re closer n all that jazz.


Put a load of old gig tickets in a couple of clip frames a few years ago so have these on the walls;


Not my photos but these are I few I have…


Ha! I know her sister! Nice to see her name - she is aces!



Print commissioned from a friend of a friend.

Painting based on a photo I took (wife of a friend gave it to us as a gift)

Painting from a friend (we got married in LV)



I miss proper ticket stubs.


Still get them up here a fair bit, if bought from record shops/venues rather than places like See and Ticketmaster etc.


Might nick this idea.


at the moment nothing, apart from my wife’s art room/office which has lots of posters and pictures stuck up all over the place.

we do have a load of picture frames but haven’t really got round to either putting something in them or hanging them up - have a couple of bigger ones that my wife bought to put some beatles pictures in, put the pictures in the frames but they’re just leaning against the wall below where they should be going. have all the stuff required to put them up, but haven’t got round to it.

oh, and i have a 2017 wall planner thing stuck above my desk - i would much prefer to have some nice pictures there, but this is better than a blank wall i reckon plus in theory it helps me be a bit more organised?