What's on your walls?


Found it on Facebook.

Sorry about my face. It does look like me though.




The man’s a talent.



Mainly paint

We live in one of those stupid modernist buildings with concrete walls which is an absolute pain for hanging pictures

I like the minimalism of concrete white walls when you’re actually in the space but fuck me, any pictures you take in there make it look like a morgue


Did you say he did it without telling you!? I think that’s a little bit hilarious… “OH!, errr thanks! It’s ME! AAHH!!” Haha. It’s very good.


Yeah I just got a random delivery one day.





Really love the moooooon.


I love it. It’s from the 70s and has the moon landing sites marked.

It’s by the same guy who did the skulls grid, the Tin Tin plate and the etched world map. Total cost @£130.


a husker du poster

photos of me n ma pals



spiders, mainly




Framed bike-wanker poster.


Love this. I don’t even own a wall.

Or a bicycle.


You don’t like it? Fine. You know Wayne, if you’re not careful, you’re going to lose me.


Loads of stuff. This is one of the walls in my living room

Really into just having tons of stuff on the walls tbh. Got loads of my grandads paintings up, three of these are his, one is my other grandads, two are photos my gf took


don’t those pictures constantly get knocked off their hangers when you put coats up?


weve got another coat stand in the other room which we use. these were in the house when we moved in, never been used (mainly coz we;re both too short for them to be practical)