What's on your walls?


thank you for your prompt clarification.


Love love love.

I see you’ve got some fish too! (?)


any time


yep, atm just a couple of minnows and a weather loach called ray harryhausen


We are thinking about getting some stick insects :smiley:


stick insects are pretty great


Yes! We’re not ready to commit to a dog so we figured stick insects might be a good place to start.


Just spent 80 quid on 3 prints:

http://cache2.artprintimages.com/p/LRG/95/9529/FJ94500Z/art-print/gregory-lang-megalopolis.jpg (2m x 60cm this one)


London, eh.


good work!


Made me look



Also your flies are undone.


I’m not falling for that old… how did you know?



This is really very nice indeed

I’ve got a big oversized hardback from the 70s called ‘A Century of Bicycle posters’ that’s full of this kind of stuff but hadn’t seen this one before

We’ve forever had the intention of getting some prints done of some of the posters in it but somehow never got around to it


Omg photos when I get home. My room is literally the best place on the planet.


yay xx


Stuff like this - a couple of things at the framers, loads of stuff in tubes that will probably never go up!



I’m moving in, or at least breaking in and stealing all your stuff.


wait a sec, is some of this yours? @chris-budget