What's on your walls?


Heavy metal hand / dude with stupid arms / yellow head thing is all my own work!
Might dig this thread up when we get some of the stuff back from the framers!


Please do, I love all your things. I want them!!

Your own work is so good by the way. I would also like to steal your talent thanks.



Ha ha! Whatever!!! Very kind of you to say so!!! :grinning:


Haha, whatever yourself. Such modesty.


looks more like kate bush than husker du to me…


lovely new order ticket there


You can get these poster put up things from 3M that supposedly come down without damaging the wall, you know?


What are they, friend? And do they work for frames?


Love this thread :heart_eyes:



have you/anyone used these? I’ve got them but I’m too scared
they sound too good to be true


no I don’t but I did seriously consider buying them before just wantonly hammering nails into the wall.


A friend used them successfully but I’m afraid @Antpocalypsenow that I am not aware if they had frames



Dude your mirror’s got a person in it.


I use them for framed pictures. Work totally fine. There’s different types that take different weights etc


Was a great night :grinning:


Nowt, because rental property


I’ve had this poster on my wall since I was 16. Framing it makes me an adult right?

Frank Kozik tattoo flash

Regular Sized Rudi embroidery made by a friend of the wife.

Some other stuff.