What's on your walls?



You have a very cool name!!


Holy shit, yeah.


The bottom two are separate prints from separate gigs, but they’re sized so that they kinda connect to each other (unlike the preview here)


Haha yeah I was going to say you like your scissors!! Snippety snip.


I had to move that print out of the lounge, because my young nephew was totally scared of the woman’s scissor eyes.


Ok here goes

Living room

Beatles, vinyl CDs and the TV

Monsters trashing a city


Guitars and a cycling print involving a naughty man

More Beatles in the kitchen

Bedroom has John and Yoko’s bed in

Wall E and Eve

Plus Aliens and Blade Runner (might move these to the hall when it’s not a building site and get something else for the bedroom)


Amazing!! Love the Alien poster!! I was thinking I’d like a film poster of some sort in the flat. My brother used to have a full length poster of a xenomorph in his bedroom when we were growing up, I was terrified of it but also thought it was very cool.

I used to have this

Wish I still did! :cry:


Not masses, as until I get to move out again I only have my bedroom to adorn. A few highlights for me though:
Sentimental gig poster -

Grizzly Bear print -

Jacob Feige print -

Also have a few little picture rails mostly full of baby pictures, origami and vaguely sentimental objects, this being my favourite:


This is all great, but the box thing with all the little compartments is especially excellent! Also, we have that lamp in our kitchen but hung 90 degrees to how you have it, your way looks so much better - it makes it look like an illuminated picture of a horizon.


Very cool


The names of my enemies in my own blood and faeces



At my folks at the moment so can only post a picture of my childhood room and this cork board which contains a mix of really old concert tickets, football matches and mini golf score cards. Hopefully hidden from view is a ticket for a Steps concert :flushed:


Not much . Only live in a bedroom and need to get frames and that


These pictures are wrapped up in bubble wrap right now in storage. These art old pics from two different rooms. I got the magic powers print at an art fair, I can’t recall the artists name off the top of my head. The Tintin print came from the shop in Covent Garden. The Velvet Underground one is just a cheap poster. They’re all in the same white aluminium frames from Habitat. I coloured in the velvet hot air balloon picture myself I’ll have you know.


love Amber :revolving_hearts:



stop looking at the walls, look out the window


Nothing cool I’m afraid.