What's on your walls?


Just loads of images of you lot from a distance


Got another alien poster, few Salvador Dali’s and Cary Grant running away from a bi-plane in a field.


Show us yer walls, Lo-Pan!


Wor Lass did both of these. We’ve got wedding photos and some other boring shit on some other walls.



I was excited to see your walls! I love that strange powers poster!


I bought a picture of a horse as a joke birthday present for one of my housemates at university. He actually really liked it and put it up on his wall. Probably still got it on the wall in his house


Haha aw I love stuff like that. The bull was from a bestie of mine. We always bought each other random crap… a lot of people are always buying me random things actually. I think it’s probably safer than getting me something tasteful :smile:


Where’s your head at?


So close!


Are you having a private moment with all those likes of yours? :wink:


OH, I see… HAHA, sorry, slow.


Not ‘close’ in that way you filthy minx! More the fact that it nearly spelt a naughty word (I’m such a child)


SURE SURE. Whatevs trevs.


These posters are mostly of gigs my friends and I have played. There’s a piece of art I bought in the art college here and also a postcard with my friend Muireann on it. The Radiohead poster is part of a series I did.


What took you so long! I’ve been waiting for you Kallgeese! I expect to see your entire poster collection in here :smiley:


There are hundreds of them! I was going to make a video but my room is in a bit of a mess at the moment. I might do a ‘Through The Keyhole’ video later this week.


Haha!! YES!! Do itttttt!


I’ll get the house tidied and then I’ll do it!


I feel like ‘AL’ isn’t visible enough on the Radiohead one.

That said, I love that album, so I also vehemently disagree with the sentiment.