What's on your walls?


Thought it was a solid case of Emperor’s New Clothes tbh. Listened to it and went “This seriously can’t be the brilliant album everyone loves.” I think my permanent marker improved the cover somewhat.


I recognise Kozik and Jacob Bannon (I think).


Each to their own. I think the strings in the second verse of Burn The Witch are one of my highlights of the last decade.

(I like all of your posters.)


Yeah, it just never grabbed me. Maybe in the mists of the far future I’ll get it!

(Thank you!)



always reminded of spiderland by that beatles pic


Photos of friends and family.
A couple of pictures of Finland and Canada drawn by friends I met in those places.
Some twee bird/deer prints.


Reveal them to us!!


This is the level of twee…


Aw it’s really nice! I’ve got a very similar bird poster by Alice Melvin. Need to get a frame for it.


This is the one I’ve had the longest


that’s a great picture because you can bore on about how he did all of his own stunts and that was totally real.

(I think that’s true - can’t be arsed to look it up)


true, however this one was done with some clever camera angles & wasn’t actually that big a drop

can see his fake finger/ thumb on his right hand in it as well from the earlier accident



Ooooo, I love the first marbley type one!!


I’d really like the opening credits of The Pit and the Pendulum on my walls!!!


Oh wow that looks brilliant


Yeah!! just watch the opening credits, it’s kinda cool. It’s on Netflix. I didn’t actually bother watching the rest of the film, though it looks good too! Good old Vincent Price n all that jazz.


Reminds me of The Cockpit too much, god rest it’s soul.


It was an excellent venue, especially after they fitted a decent air conditioning system. I remember watching more than one band and condensation dripping off the roof onto our heads. I particularly remember watching Silver Sun there, unbelievably hot, I’ve been in cooler saunas!