What's on your walls?


If I named half the bands I saw there I would probably be laughed out of DiS. Ahem razorlight.

Went to a couple of the ones and yours so Hi.


I got my pictures back!!! I love theeeeemmmm


LOVE the house. Send me it? Cheers.


Thanks!! I love it too. I was going to buy a similar pic of the innards of a body but someone beat me to it the day before after months of dithering :confused: sad face.


I like this type of pics for ships, saw some good ones at the castle musuem yesterday.


my housemate, who comes from some noble family, brought home an original plan of a ship a year ago and hung it up in the living room. We all thought it looked really cool until someone realized it was a slave ship about 6 months later. Took it back to his parents almost immediately ofc.


We bought a really old house earlier this year (lots of lovely high ceilings and cornicing etc.) and somewhat incongruously, the previous owners were mad for wall mounting tellies EVERYWHERE. So when they’ve taken their TVs away, there were quite a lot of v ugly holes in the wall, with wires coming out etc.

We borrowed some paintings from my parents’ collection in a effort to patch p the walls and save us from redecorating (their walls were otherwise lovely) but nothing was quiet the right dimensions to cover up the way they had mounted their massive fuckofftelly in the sitting room, so I had to buy some stuff at a point where I was probably more cash strapped than I have ever been in my life (end of unpaid mat leave and just blown entire life’s worth on a house).

I put some bids into a local fine art auction place, not really expecting to win anything but I managed to get my mitts on two lovely pieces for buttons. I highly recommend this if anybody is interested in picking up art on the cheap.
This was the place- http://www.greatwesternauctions.com/catalogues/gs260817/page009.html

(admittedly, that is a pile of shite up for grabs on this Saturday’s auction, but that’s the summer hols for you.)


one of the painitngs my folks gave us was a batshit painting by peter howson. It is so innocuous until you look at it up close, and then it is so so dark. :skull:


Not up in the pic, but the GF got me these amazing original pages by one of my favourite comic book artists and I love them so much.


really dislike wall mounted tellies. like, its too high! its obviously too high! why does anyone do this and think its good?


Lovely. Who’s the artist? I’ve got some comic art, and sketches by the artist framed, but only one on the wall.


It’s Tyler Jenkins and the pages are from Snow Blind.


Have you got pics of yours?


Yes. Somewhere, will look this weekend…


Did someone say something about ships?


is that ship called The Nathaniel…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:


Ooooo!!! That’s lovely!!


the national tour poster, the dates are on the shipping containers
picked it up at the Belfast gig, so the ship theme seemed apposite


I have that one on my wall as well!
EDIT: And I picked it up for exactly the same reason!
Are you…me?


Okay, hibster having the same poster as me has spurred me on :laughing:.
Here’s some of the posters in my music room, not at home so can’t get pics of the rest right now.