What's one thing you hate about something that you otherwise like?

Why? Isn’t the immersive aspect of some fandoms what makes them appealing?

Also agree with everyone who said certain types of fans of things are deeply offputting.

Personally I think that just makes it easier for people to get lost from what made them enjoy a thing in the first place whether it’s strong characters, great music, iconic design etc. It can easily get replaced with empty nostalgia.

If they find that entertaining isn’t that the purpose of you know…entertainment?

Also feels a bit weird to say there has to be a prescribed single way to engage with a thing (even if it’s creepy and annoying to non enjoyers of that way of engaging with it).

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I guess it just can cut out critical readings of things as just not understanding a fandom or not being part of a group. If pieces of art or entertainment are good I think they should stand under their own weight and should also be able to be critiqued individually.

Also there’s the aspect of toxic fandom meaning people feel like they have an outsized claim to ownership over the product and it’s themes even though they had no part to play in it’s creation beyond a small financial contribution.

I’m sure we’re all like that with some things!

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tbf I’ve heard of a few places being alleged inspirations for Black Books. someone said it to me about Bookfinders in Belfast once (which put me off going into it for years but they’ve actually been fine when I’ve been in it). Could well be various inspirations though I guess!

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eating things, getting things stuck in my teeth


the internet / addiction to the internet interfering with other aspects of my life


Having to clean the cat’s litter tray.

Yeah probs


“Thought to be” is pretty solid tbf

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Playing the guitar - not being very good at playing the guitar.


yeah that seems pretty fair! i’ve never seen anything to back up my one other than the fact that he lived here years ago

My children. Their habit of taking their shoes off in random parts of the house and leaving them there.

Cathy and Brian on Corrie

Wigan Athletic: Cedric Kipre. He’s fucking mince.

Liam Gallagher’s voice since 2003

Assume this is Deadhead? Never really get the criticism of that place because on two separate occasions I’ve been in it and the guy was dishing out cans of Strongbow while I browsed.

Also not sure if Black Books predates Dylan Moran moving to Edinburgh or not…

Ah. Didn’t bother to read the rest of the thread, did I?

if no-one else knows that i like a thing do i really like that thing though?