What's one thing you like about something that you otherwise hate?

I quite like how satisfying the seatbelt mechanism is on planes. Otherwise hate flying, as any sensible person should.

in american petrol stations you don’t have to keep holding the lever down, there’s a little toggle to lock it in place until your tank is full up

not fussed for the rest of the country


Let’s get “hate going to work but love getting paid!!” out of the way early.

in high school my pal had a seatbelt belt buckle. would that be of interest to you?

It would not, no.

Quite like my eyelashes

Quite like the Domino’s BBQ sauce dip.

The smell of coffee

massage chairs at airports

Can’t get into those, the thought of all the sweaty traveller bums that have been kneaded by them before gives me the boak.

There’s a nice Chinese restaurant in London

Reckon there’s a lot more going for China than that, ffs.


Yeah, but what about chick fil e and traders Joe’s?

oh shit TJ’s! knew there was something i wanted to do today

You’ve got a big preorder for the board japesy, we’re all relying on you


chick fil a are homophobes though so fuck them

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quite liked the soviet style architecture in Bratislava

Religion has given us some great buildings.


The one good thing about working in an office was knowing a rich man was paying me to go to the bathroom.