what's pasta supposed to chew like?

Like how do you know if it’s cooked perfectly?

Same goes with rice, impossible to know


  • bit overdonne and rubbery
  • ‘al dente’

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I mean isn’t it supposed to be rubbery? that’s what’s confusing me

I like both to be cooked “al dente”, firm to the bite

could you eat it raw?

the italians started a joke about 30 years ago that you’re supposed to undercook pasta, and now every herbert in the UK does it.


Devastated that the day’s best beeving opportunity has only arisen now, because I’d be well up for going in two-footed on these mushy pasta pricks.


I’ve crunched on pasta that is uncooked before but it’s not pleasant to do it


surely it’s not meant to go crunch?! I can’t believe that’s right

Put it this way, Bammers, if the packet says “Cook for 11-13 minutes”, you’d better believe I’m draining those bastards after exactly 11 minutes! :wink:


Throw it at your wall. If it sticks it’s cooked or something.

I cook it for 10 minutes but cba to notice if I take a few more minutes to sort it out

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this is Good and Correct

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think cooking is mostly bullshit isn’t it, over or undercooking doesn’t really make much difference

sometimes you burn toast but that’s ok just a different flavour

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what surprised me about pasta dishes recently is that most people expect some additional ingredient to pasta pesto - bacon, mushrooms, courgette, spinach etc.

pasta just with pesto is a fine and good dinner:

  • i agree
  • i disagree, needs more shit in there

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I just eat it with sauce and shit tonnes of grated cheese, it’s delicious!


Mamma mia!


we’ve been through this - cheese does not touch pesto

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I don’t like pesto, it’s why dr. oetker is shit