What's that mozart tune that goes deedle oodle do



deedle oodle do deedle oodle deedle oodle do?


Thy Wigge Hast Fallen Offe


Come on @xylo you probably know this one.


it’s Le Nozze Di Figaro


No no, this is one on piano, a very quick thing. But yes, this is of course also good because Mozart :smiley:


but it fits the pattern you wrote


So does the one in my head

Thanks anyway.



you mean:

deedle oodle do, deedle oodle do, deedle oodle deedle oodle deedle oodle do


You know I looked at what I wrote and wondered after if someone would make THAT joke. And I thought it would be @marckee


(YES, the extra deedle oodle)


well now we’ve corrected your idiocy:


Ah I know that! But I don’t know what it’s called


BOOM! Nice work, knew you’d come through.


Remember when I did one of these and then buggered off for the weekend without giving the answer?


No, but I can ban you now retroactively if you want? :wink: