What's that song


That sounds a bit like a phone tone, and goes “do be do be, doop, doop”. Might have been used on an old phone ad. Might just be a phone.


blue - eiffel 65


That was just on 6? It is Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Not sure what it is called though.

A quick google for you - Telephone and Rubber Band.

You are now in my debt.

This one is The Joker by Steve Miller Band.


Thank you Lonzo! It is indeed this. I could hear it very faintly. Must have been on the office radio upstairs.

Apparently it was used in a " a long-running advertising campaign for the telecoms company One2One (now T-Mobile)"

Ask of me what you will, I am at your command.


Like fuck did you know that off the top of your head. DAB twat.



I knew who it was by, pal. It was finished before I read this thread.


Alright, Marckee.


Should I use hyg’s debt to butcher you in your sleep tonight… I will have a think.


No need, my kidneys (or lupus) are going to do me in soon anyway.