"What's that then?"


This is a thread for when you see a thing and you think “what’s that then?” and then maybe your fellow community members can tell you what it is.

I’ll start by asking “what’s that then?” about this building thing that’s at the top of City Road opposite the Virgin Gym in Angel by the bus stops, looks like they were old toilets or something maybe:


need a better picture - is it a tardis?


Walk past this everyday, no clue what it is man. Agree with you, probs shitters in the past.



Is that the entrance to the old Angel station? Back when it used to be a single platform station (like the ones in Clapham).




it’s a £23 million residential opportunity is what it is mate!1!*
*because it’s London and London house prices are very expensive making even this small area of land a lucrative proposition in London


Oooh reckon you’re right here. Could be where the lift used to be?


Excellent answer! That’s what it must be, thanks!


That’s Celtuce


Ideal for stir frying or grilling, if you need any recipe ideas…


It’s a bus, mate.


Ah, the catchphrase from the popular game show “Celtuce”.


Possibly! Maybe there were multiple entrances? I think they changed it in the mid 90s. I’ll ask my Dad.


No, I mean the thing behind the bus, the building thing. It’s already been sorted though, thanks anyway.


looks like it should be a magazine stand or a place to get a slice of pizza.


I wouldn’t disagree with you there


Ventilation shaft for the Tube.


which do you think would be more profitable?


hahahaha I liked this because it has the word London in